Thursday, December 13, 2012



It is something that we all do, all the time, come what may.

Some chase wants.

Some chase needs.

Some chase dreams. Well..

Some chase life.

Known or unbeknown to us, we chase. May be it is the exhilarating effect, or just a compulsive behaviour embedded somewhere in our subconscious mind. 

"Paas aaogey, toh paaogey..
Phir bhi hai ek doori..."

That is chase for all of us. Irony, maybe.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I don't like 'Bombay Rains'

They say Bombay rains are maddening and create havoc, we ask - is it unexpected? It rains every year and people face the same problems every year. Big deal right? It rains and the city has to get flooded, no one needs to be blamed. It is just the ‘Bombay rains’. I like the way it has been stereotyped but nothing has been done to rectify this.

After days, it rained ‘normally’ in my city, yet everyone was cursing it. There were thousands of people stranded everywhere – railway stations, bus stops, offices, roads, in short everywhere.

Trains are dark and forever leaking. Water flows in and so do hundreds of people, nothing flows out. Everyone is in a rush, all the time.

I walk on the road and I am sure to be poked by umbrellas from all directions, so what if I can walk in a queue, not poking, not hurting others, but I will not do that. I must poke and nudge and hit in order to keep myself ‘dry’ but once I reach home I realize ‘saala main toh bheeg gaya!’. Bombay rains are surely to be blamed.

A tree falls in the middle of the footpath and I can take a turn, walk ten steps back and take another, much more civilized route and reach my destination on the same time. But no! I will jump over that tree, shout, curse in the air, and get hurt or else I will jump over the fence splashing water everywhere, dirtying myself and others. All because of the Bombay rains.

I take my car out because I don’t want to get wet but I don’t give a damn if I am splashing dirty, muddy water on the pedestrians. I feel like Prince Harry when I take over the steering. It’s a great feeling you know. Actually, You, pedestrian, You will not know. All because of the Bombay rains.

I am allowed to ride my bike on the footpath and dare you say anything to me. I cannot help it, the roads are blocked so the only space I can find is the footpath and I am in a hurry, so don’t retaliate because I am allowed to do that. You say something and I will break your leg. ‘Do minute mein nikal jaaunga bike leke phir bhi natak karti hai’’. All because of the Bombay rains.

Now I will not organize any rally or create any fuss to cite the problems faced by ‘majha manoos’ or to action against the inactive authority, because I don’t have faith in the Bombay rains, what if I drown ?
I will spit on the walls, I will litter the streets and then complain “this city is so dirty.” Yes, yes I will continue to blame Bombay rains.

I will either not vote or else I will follow ‘ancient’ people who claim that one day they will modernize my country. And I shall still blame Bombay rains.

I will still beat up people who don’t belong to my caste or religion and look down upon them. And I will blame the Bombay rains.

I will hate my fellow countrymen from the North east and it is indeed because of the Bombay rains.

I will gate crash every damn party in this city to arrest them. Every kid is a junkie, did you not know that? 
They are spoilt because of the Bombay rains.

If they rape a lady in Delhi, I will blame the Bombay rains and if a mob in Assam draws pleasure by molesting a 16 year old kid it will be because of the Bombay rains.

My kids will learn to sing “here a scam there a scam everywhere a scam scam” instead of “here a moo there a moo everywhere a moo moo”. They too will learn to blame the Bombay rains.

The torrential, tormenting Bombay rains.

This is how we all don’t like the Bombay rains.

It’s vicious you know. You, me and the 'Bombay rains'.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's your touch, it's the feel
It's your face, so serene
It's the eyes which say the truth
From being 'just' to being my ruth
The same old, the same You
Still as fresh as a dew.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I was green,
I gave you all,
To be becoming 
or not to be becoming 
went unseen,
And in the end I stand tall.

Picture credit : D

PS: D, the click is Beautiful.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back, hopefully.

The toughest thing about writing (for me) is the beginning. I can never begin the way I want to, it just gets messy. And then after some retrospection the question popped - is it just the case when it comes to writing or is it with everything?

An entangled mesh of millions of nerves. But is that the apt reason ?

PS : Will try to be regular now. 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

She went to the beautiful Pink Palace. There she learned to learn, understand, have a perspective. There she learned to live. There she learned to dream, and chase her dreams.

But now she is out. Out of that Pink Palace. And all of a sudden the harsh reality has sucked her. She wished for a hand to pull her out of it, but none came forward.

 This reality is crushing her dreams. Killing them, and she can’t do anything. And no, she cannot fight this time.

But then they always say : ‘’A dreamer dreams, she never dies’’

And so, she shall dream.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Life Now

It's so weird to write about 'life' and all the 'changes' occurring in this 'life', well more so analyzing it. I won't write much but in a nutshell all I can say is that whatever is happening I am letting it happen, I am just going with the flow with nothing to complain. I have a lot to look forward to. In the past few months I have forayed into a completely new genre and now I can say that I have started liking it.
From the outside if one glances at my life, one may think it is so uncomplicated and nice (well I won't say it isn't), but someone one day posed a few questions only to prove that my life is not that uncomplicated as I portray it to be. But here I would like to disagree with that someone and well for the answers to those questions: Well I may not be ready to give those answers to the world, because I feel the time is not right, but then I am very very clear in my head and that what matters!
Life now is very dynamic, is changing great deal, I have new things to look up to, have loads to learn. It's all about learning, loving and formals now! ;-)